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ITS’ comments to the report SOU 2015:6 on proposals for legislation to implement the EU Directive on Tobacco Products.

Mortality attributable to tobacco among men in Sweden and other European countries: an analysis of data in a WHO report.

Death by regulation: the EU ban on low-risk oral tobacco

Clive Bates makes strong arguments for lifting the EU-ban on smokeless tobacco.

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Swedish tobacco experts in double seats

Doctors help to lobby against snus – and for Pfizer’s drugs

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Cut out the smoke, reduce the risks

The NTS surveys of tobacco habits in Sweden 1976 – 1988

In 1976 Lars Ramström took the initiative, in his position as Director General of the NTS, National Smoking and Health Association, to perform annual surveys of Swedish tobacco habits. The questionnaires were set up along the lines that had been recommended by a UICC working group and became further developed by a WHO group of international experts (including Lars Ramström) in 1982 (Guidelines for the Conduct of Tobacco Smoking Surveys of the General Population, WHO/SMO/83.4).

NTS commissioned external research institutes to carry out data collection in nationwide representative samples and to run statistical analyses according to schemes worked out by Lars Ramström. These analysis schemes exploited features of the questionnaire items to establish data referring not only to frequencies of answers to individual questions but to certain constructed variables as well. In the years 1976 – 1983 the external procedures were carried out by SIFO, Swedish Institute for Opinion Research  and in the years 1984 – 1988 by SCB, Statistics Sweden.

Each year the survey results were presented in comprehensive table reports. They constitute a database that was transferred to ITS after Lars Ramström’s retirement from NTS.