Points of interest

ITS’ comments to the report SOU 2015:6 on proposals for legislation to implement the EU Directive on Tobacco Products.

Mortality attributable to tobacco among men in Sweden and other European countries: an analysis of data in a WHO report.

Death by regulation: the EU ban on low-risk oral tobacco

Clive Bates makes strong arguments for lifting the EU-ban on smokeless tobacco.

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Swedish tobacco experts in double seats

Doctors help to lobby against snus – and for Pfizer’s drugs

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Cut out the smoke, reduce the risks


The tobacco science literature includes many thousands of publications of different kinds. Research carried out by the partners behind TobaccoFindings.org has contributed various articles, reports etc, mainly in the field of epidemiological studies of the use of different tobacco products. The list here highlights some of these publications in order to make them easily available to a large audience.

The list includes the following categories:

- Articles in scientific journals
- Poster presentations
- Oral presentations at conferences