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ITS’ comments to the report SOU 2015:6 on proposals for legislation to implement the EU Directive on Tobacco Products.

Mortality attributable to tobacco among men in Sweden and other European countries: an analysis of data in a WHO report.

Death by regulation: the EU ban on low-risk oral tobacco

Clive Bates makes strong arguments for lifting the EU-ban on smokeless tobacco.

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Swedish tobacco experts in double seats

Doctors help to lobby against snus – and for Pfizer’s drugs

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Cut out the smoke, reduce the risks


In the early 1990s began a collaboration between Lars Ramström at ITS and Torsten Österman at FSI regarding studies related to patterns of tobacco use in the Swedish population. Lars Ramström and ITS was in charge of the study design and data analysis while FSI accounted for the methodological and practical implementation of the data collection. In 2004 FSI establishing a part-time position for Tobacco Studies. Since 2008, this was a fulltime position entirely focused on tobacco studies in collaboration with Lars Ramstrom, ITS.

Over the years the cooperation increased and after co-produced several joint products a common platform for the cooperation was established in terms of a website named TobaccoFindings.org

Since April 2014 TobaccoFindings.org is run by ITS and LiQuSa-research.

Contact: info@tobaccofindings.org, +46 (0) 704 22 81 54, +46 (0)8 642 06 75

The joint initiative TobaccoFindings.org has no external funding. It is completely funded inside the frame of LiQuSa research and the Institute for Tobacco Studies (ITS) budget.